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Product Manual

The product manual you received with your product contains a device name and secret that is specific to your device. You should always preserve that or note it down in a safe place. The following link contains the manual in a PDF format and has all the other information except the device name and secret.

Securmate Manual

Product Videos

The following video show you how to use the Securmate system. You can follow them stepwise if you're using the system for the first time. Use the videos in combination with the manual for the best experience in getting familiar with the Securmate system.

  1. Create a new Securmate account.
  2. Add a new Securmate entrance sensor to your account.
    • For iPhone
    • For Android
  3. Attach a Securmate device to an entrance
  4. Walk-through of the Securmate app
  5. How to configure the Securmate IFTTT service and create an applet.
  6. Interaction of the Securmate Sensor with a Smart light and camera using the IFTTT interface.

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