Even after years of development and simplification, existing home automation and security systems are cumbersome to install and use. Most of the current wireless security and automation systems need a hub and accessories in order to connect to the cloud through your home Wi-Fi or a cellular module. Hubs add another point of complexity and failure. Securmate is the only wireless entrance sensor in the market that connects to the cloud directly through Wi-Fi without the need for an intermediate hub or additional accessories.

No Hubs and accessories

On account of its architecture, Securmate is:
The Securmate entrance sensor in combination with its smartphone app and cloud service forms a simple and portable do-it-yourself security system. Attach Securmate to any entrance and get alerted on your smartphone when the entrance opens/closes. Securmate works anywhere with Wi-Fi, so no monthly service fees. It's that simple!

Securmate In Use

Securmate also connects to popular smarthome products through third party integrations like IFTTT allowing you to enhance the system to serve your home automation needs. A Securmate trigger actuates products like plugs, bulbs, cameras, thermostats, appliances, blinds etc... to create custom scenarios. For an exhaustive list of compatible products see: https://ifttt.com/search

Securmate's many features are designed to make it a multipurpose and versatile system


Securmate is a pocket size system that is small enough to fit in the hand, so it is easy to carry anywhere.

Long Battery Life

The sensor is powered by regular AAA batteries which can last more than a year.

Alert Notifications

Get push notifications to your mobile and emails to your loved ones so they can check on you.


Talks to other products to make it easier for your to automate your life.

Easy Install

No hardware required to install. The sensor can be attached using removable double sided tapes.

No Contracts

No long term contacts or mandatory fees.

Encrypted and secure communications

All communication is over encrypted channels using industry standard protocols.


Learn how your property changes state. Monitor the state of entrances, set alarms and get summary insights.

If you have Wi-Fi connectivity and have used other Wi-Fi products, you will find installing Securmate a breeze. A one-time setup will program your personal Wi-Fi credentials to the Securmate sensor.

Stick a sensor to the entrance of any property you want to protect.

Stick to any entrance

Turn on the alarm.

Arm Alarm using mobile app

If there is a security breech ...

Detects door or window open

You will receive a push notification on any phone with an app installed.

Receive push notifications on mobile

Your friends and family, who don't have the app installed, will receive an email.

Receive email alert

At a quick glance, the dashboard shows you the current state of your entrances. An extended menu allows you to manage your devices, search and download your activity logs.

App Dashboard

You can also see an activity timeline of all your entrance sensors.

App Dashboard

With current security and home automation solutions, you are often given pre-canned solutions that may or may not work for your needs. By connecting Securmate with IFTTT, you can access a wide variety of other products and use cases, so you have a system that fits your lifestyle and needs.

IFTTT home security

For security, you may want to use a smart light or siren that works with IFTTT, as shown in the main video, to indicate an intrusion.

blinking bulb

You can also capture video footage beginning the instant your entrance is breached.

blinking bulb

home automation

Unlike using the smartphone as a remote control, change in the state of doors and windows can be used to automatically trigger actions.


Securmate allows you to further qualify these triggers based on the time of day. The above applet shows how a Securmate trigger is configured to occur when the owner opens their bedroom door between 6:00 AM and 8:30 AM, upon waking up.

Nest thermostat

Just as you can automate your morning routine based on triggers from your bedroom door one can also automate actions based on triggers from say your front door when you leave or arrive back from work.


The possibilities are endless. For how-to videos and more information, see the support page.

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