Security System for your Apartment

Securmate - Portable Security System and Home Automation Device


Most security systems in the market are made for permanent homes. Yet, if you think about it, apartments are more in need of security systems. Unlike homes, several people have access to an apartment complex and some to the very apartment one may be living in. This includes the landlord, maintenance crew and previous renters who may have duplicate keys to the apartment.

Many security systems make the marketing claim of being suitable for apartments. However in order to see whether a system is really geared towards apartment living, it might be good to understand the differences of living in an apartment as compared to a permanent home especially pertaining to security.

Period of stay - Most apartment dwellers don't stay in the same apartment for more than a few years. In fact, according to the US Census, 11-12% of the US population moves every year. So the Security System should be portable and easy to carry during a move. It should be extendible in a way that it can still meet the requirements of the next place of stay. The system should be easily attachable and detachable. Due to these reasons typical security systems with many components like keypad, fob, hub, adapters and multitude of sensors are probably not the best choice.

Living space - Most apartments have less living area than typical homes. Accordingly the security system itself should be space efficient. For this reason again systems with many components are not good choices. The security system should not intrude into the privacy of its owners who are living in smaller quarters. For this reason, we feel camera based systems may not always be the best choice unless they are facing less private areas of the apartment.

Damage - Most apartment leases discourage hammering nails in walls, damaging paint and similar changes to the apartment decor. For these reasons wired security systems or systems that require nailing components to surfaces are not good choices. We make a portable security system that is ideal for apartments. Securmate is small, portable, battery operated and can be attached by means of removable tapes.

Securmate is small, portable, battery operated and can be attached by means of removable tapes. It uses your home Wi-Fi, so you don't have to pay monthly fees to secure your property. The Securmate app allows you to arm/disarm your system and keep track of your entrances. Through our IFTTT integration you can also control popular smarthome devices to automate your property.

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